Paintings 2

Painting that are available for exhibition and sale


A Prayer


Gingham Girl

Dancer (in Barcelona)


Topanga Dawn


Papa Boule
Michel Simon  - ‘The Train’  - 1964

                                                                                            The New World

Indian Elephant

Nemarah India
As Time Goes By

Varkala India
Snip / Reflections

Varkala India
Three Men Waiting for a Ceremony
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple
Madurai India
The Tailor or Varkala

Varkala India
The Silversmith

Varkala India
The Coffee Man
Madurai India
A'cappella Cafe Bristol
Sack Carrier

Madurai India

Varkala India
Alapuuzha Woman

Allapuuza india
Kerela Woman
Kerela India

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