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My next exhibition is at Open Space - Cass Art - Bristol - Sept. 2021 
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Navajo Drypainting

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About the artist

Nic Dartnell is a Bristol based artist who used to live and work in London. He exhibited at CASS ART in 2021 and 2019, when he won the ‘people’s choice’ prize at the Mall Gallery / Royal Institute of British Oil Painters (ROI) in London. HIs work was exhibited on-line by the Mall galleries in 2019 and 2020.  He has worked with Blackheath Gallery / London :  Steidel Fine Art / Texas - USA  :  Kunsthaus / Essen - Germany : Tempest Radford and the Standard Chartered Bank of London. The collection of the SCB contains many of his most recent paintings, which are mainly based on images gained whilst living in India, in 2016 – 2017.

Nic has been an oil painter for 57 years. He is renowned for a famous rock album cover painted in the 1970s. Since then his work has gone through various changes but he has generally maintained a figurative, realist style. In the 1980s Nic did an in depth academic study of Navajo sand-painting and put on exhibitions, on that theme, in  Essen - Germany and in Bristol UK. Most of his personal paintings are of people from various cultural backgrounds and since 2000 his work has mainly focused on images from Notting Hill Carnival and Kerala in Southern India.
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